Just finished reading a book from CliffNotes series entitle "Creating a budget".This book is written in a simple and easy to understand manner. Applicable to all either you are earning or not getting a steady flow of income.

It covers the basic aspect of budgeting and its advantages. Starting off with identifying your current assets in cash and non-cah item, setting your financial goals and guiding you on how to get there.

Each chapter is equip with simple-to-do exercises for the reader to follow. It even helps to explain about mortgage, loan and interest re-payment plans. Though written in the context of the US life, the basis of understanding are also applicable to residents anywhere in the world.

Before moving on to accompolish your goals the reader is required to keep track his/her spending everyday for a month, this is to identify areas which are overspent and those which are underspent and reallocating the resource so that the budget is evenly spread. It's a myth to say that when one is on a budget one can't spend as he/she likes. Budgeting is basically allocating your financial income into the correct avenues and most importantly to have a saving plan which is credited consistently.

Saving for rainy day is essential as we would never know what may happen in the future, and to that i would recommend this book to all, it's only 116 pages and is available at your nearest National Library. Next on the list Lexus and the Olive tree, my academic reading for Economics of Industry.


  1. Hmm.. quite an interesting title. Even more so the next on the list Lexus & the olive tree? Kinda of like a title for a brand of perfume. Anyhow will look for Cliffnotes at the library. Thanks dude.

  2. Care for an intro dude? Lexus and the Olive Tree is a book on globalization and economics, will give a review if i finish it soon :D cheers....

  3. Oh i`m sorry. Just a humble soul somehow being brought here over the blogosphere. To say or to not say who i am, thts the question. Just call me Mr W M. Anyhow nice meeting u on the net. Do write more. Cheers mate.

  4. Good Day mate! Any updates yet ? Looking forward to it.


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