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Zaffywaffy and lil kiwi went for a talk at H.DB.Hub today. Definitely informative and recommended. The talk was part of a series of Heartland Talks organize by H.DB. The one we attended today was on purchasing our first home.

Since me and lil kiwi are planning to settle soon. The first thought that came to mind was the housing issue. Lil kiwi is more keen to be staying on our own than with my parents so when I first got an e-mail about this talk in my inbox I immediately ask lil kiwi to come along.

Me and lil kiwi were glad that we attended this talk. Although I have been reading up a lot and getting necessary information from the HDB website, the talk gave us a better view of the processes and financial options in purchasing our love nest.

We shall be sitting down seriously soon as we are planning to give the current SBF launch a try. Soon we shall click on the "apply now" button with Bismillah-hir-rahma-nirrahim.

Till the next post....

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