haha metgs and more

Hello peeps...

yeah skola dah nak buka...can't wait, miss school but gona miss the holidays tooo, hehe....today nothing much other than went to town for a short meeting with my programers. SInce i'm the assistant overall in-charge of the event have to keep track of my 'anak buah' updates.

Then later in the evening went to my granny's place, hehe nice re-union with all the cousins. Havent seen them for quite a while and yeah i make sure i go there today, coz i noe later when sch re-opens and i get busy with my sch werk all dat, i will missed friday trip's to granny's place. They were all talking about SIngapore's wonderful Tuesday Darkness...hehe....two of mu aunt got hit by it, hehe i was glad nothing happen over at my place, i was online that particular nite and then suddenly one by one a few went off-line..hehe a few times later they came back online and told me they 'kena' the blackout...hehe...Singapore need to be better equipped and prepared next time...woo hoo

Rinduku hari ini tak begitu dahsyat....pada malam hari bertemu dengannya on-line...hehe..ok lah..tak de pape seprti biasa tanye 'all the usual stuff'...how to keep conversations on-goin?

Selamat pagi semua


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