haiz bad days....

Assalamualaikum wr wb

What a day I’ve had. A lot of things happened today. The major was MLS clubhouse spring-cleaning. As u all know I’m much affiliated to my Malay Language Society which I’m very proud of…hehe…so woke up early today and prepared for school, then around 9.++ a.m I depart it was still drizzling then. So upon arrival, we started by taking out all the items, clear the space, mop and then re-arrange back everything. People, MLS has a new look, check it out once school re-open. It feels better and much more spacious now and yeah we did throw a lot of stuff, really a lot..hahah..great guys you all did a wonderful job. But sadly got some small matters which we overlook and I will try to think about it in my sleep and hopefully can come up with a better idea.

Well…hmmm…maser kita orang tengah kemas-kemas tu my ex ade….so then everything kind of came back to me…”upset”

Before Maghrib had a small meeting with my speaker. MLS will be organizing an event soon, fill you guys in later about that and it was great to hear him talk and I do really think he has caliber in his profession, wow admired a lot, and he did remind me of something that I have been missing much lately…I meant myself, haven’t really got back to myself that much, my wonderful religion Islam…Astghfirullah man is weak.

Terfikirku, rindu hati ini padanya. Namun dengan tanpa disangka-sangak die “made my day”, setelah segala yang ku lalui pada hari ini. Kesian dia hingga berfikir begitu tentang dirinya sendiri disebabakan oleh ketidak mampuannya untuk banyak berkata-kata. Tapi tak mengapa aku akan cuba membantunya semampuku. But I was surprised that dia open-up to me today, didn’t tot that dia will do such a thing and never imagine that kita will ever have such a good conversation. Hmmm bagus lah, hari ini aku banyak ‘get in touch’ dengan kenkawan lama yang dah lamaku ku tak dengar khabar, yang hari-hari nampak tapi jarang sekali berbual panjang. Dan gembira sekali apabila aku menyedari yang mereka sedang melalui hidup dengan tenang dan aman , tak banyak sangat masalah namun masih mampu mungukir senyuman.

I’m having one of those bad days…but dia telah lightened me up…. Alhamdulillah….

Tidak banyak yang ingin ku kata…..

Selain daripada untuk SIti jgn sedih ok, i think ur blog ok oreadie. and to my best fren, i know we are having some gaps right now but i will try my best to get back again to you. Sorie havent been much around when u needed help. I'll always pray for everyone including Azzie and all our frens. Take care always and hope to see you soon.


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