welfate talk

Assalamualaikum semua...

So happy today alhamdulillah the evnt MLS Welfare Talk was a success, i wouldl ike to thank again all my committee members and all those that had made the event a success including the guest speaker Mr Nailul Hafiz, MLS advisor Mr Rindra, exco for entrusting us to go ahead though a lot had to be done to get this event thru. Our veloved in-charge Bro Zaki may Allah bless you and bless us all with the effort that has been place in. Humairah, Nurul(nyc), Rashid, Yat, Zaini, Nurul(floorball), Zulhairy, Azfar, Amanina, Najib Kamal, Nabil, Dzaki...Kak Haslina thanks again gona miss you all. I have enjoyed working with you guys and hopefully in days to come you all won't keberatan to be part of the comm again. Thanks and many thanks, syukur kepada Allah s.w.t, Ya Allah kerana pimpinanmu dan keredhaan mu jua kami mampu untuk meneruskan niat suci ini. HIDUP WELFARE!!! baik arh.... :D

That was the major event that happen today....alhamdulillah...this satisfaction of a successful event Allah sahaja yang tahu kenikmatannya.

~ to whom it may concern ~


a guess is a guess and what more can i say and it is you actually. For yes i do agree we have still yet to know each other but i want you to know also that i wouldn't want you to feel guilty for whatever that has happen. It has thought me a lesson though along the way one may got hurt or the other. It's nice to have a friend like you and all that has been done is past, for at once i thought "we had something" may as well just be a 'friendly connection'. It's ok, has lived the pain, i ain't suffering because of you but there are other reasons to why i'm like this nowadays. my cruelity towards human beings is taking the bad out of me. haiz


if questions are unanswered still maybe it's better to leave it so, but then again i'm open to talk it out. Let time bring us to where we are, to get to know one another better as friends.


To my crush, i dunoe ain't giving you up and ain't moving on in anyways, what am i to do, if only i could tell but i can't, if only i could give it all out again but i'm not like dat anymore, nothing beats a broken heart.....i miss you


To my dear dear, i am gona hurt you soon, please be prepare, it's gona be painful and hope you're strong to get through, please don't expect too much from me, i know i'm at fault now, i gave you hope but i don't know how to push it away, this mixture of feelings, this state of confusion....


I'm not getting any better i'm not helping myself any better....


AAARRRGGGHHHH...the evil of me is coming out...on this area...but at other times i'm fine and okies...


~semoga hari esok lebih baik dari hari ini~


Will fill in more whn this brain of mine is in the right state.


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