assalamualaikum semua.....

eh lupa sey nak bilang korang semalam, ingat tak a few postings ago me and mai on the way home then ada jumpa this dua abang, they board from Tiong Bahru mrt...u know what on tuesday aru mai was asking me? eh biler lagi gaknya kita akan jumpa abang tu lagi....den sooo goody luck on weds we got a seat at redhill station i think then mase at tiong bahru the people who was seating beside alight and two guys came to seat, didnt even re-call to look out for thoe two abang and then jeng jeng jeng, i saw a reflection at the glass pane, it's them it's them and they were seating right beside us...hehe...signaled to mai and she got it right away...ahaha...time check 8.30pm @ tiong bahru mrt, wednesday..khehehe...alah anyway i don't think they recognise us, but they were asleep when we alight thought of saying bye or something....save it for next time...wakakaka

zaf is mad....today my group's TOD presentation was superbbb...thanks guys for making it happening man...not bad ah today TOD watch lots of movie clips and ideo clips cool hor....Faris we love TOD though we always curse it in front of you...hehe

so happy for Siti, a new path in life plus love, i doa all the best for you girl and don't worie your dustbin will still be around and the Fantastic 4 will be here for you...khehehe...

~kupu-kupu merajuk, kupu-kupu rindu akan kehadiran sang manusia itu, dimanakah dia? bilakah akan kau hadir lagi sayang?~

~when will my Prince arrive?~

~missing You-know-who lots~


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