pening and sick

I'm officially sick today, didn't went to school, got a bad headache in the morning and flu throughout the day sore throat and more. Haiz , banyak dosa kot aku nie. But well went to doc at nitght got MC for one day, kalau dapat untuk dua hari kan bagus den sok tak yah pi skola.

Penat, i haven't fully finish my model yet better finish it before i sleep, but the medication is seriously making me drowsy.

GOna be busy since it's production week. Haiz. Tired and all need my rest. Darling's birthday is tomorrow shall wish him tomorrow then. Hehe.

~ me, selfish me ~

going with the flow, staying cool, running away, i'm being cruel but can't afford to settle it now, school werk's getting the evil out of me and the RWP and Elective assignment are slowly killing me out....

ain't misiing anyone tonite, haha the different me, coz i'm sick

or is it because i'm not me??

~ back to school tomorrow ~

Allah guide me thru.


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