SUndays are here again...

Went for tuition in the morning, luckily tak lambat, walaupun semalam dah tidur siang i was still quite sleepy at tuition but luckily can tahan my eyes from falling asleep. Haiz...think haven't pay back my rest.

Later on went to Tampines central jalan sorang-sorang, spend time to myself but think it's not enough, i think i'm missing the cool breeze of the sea, maybe one of these days turun East coast or go Esplanade, IF i can fit that into my already busy schedule. Haiz....

I'm taking a break from doing the book, ingatkan senang type jek but then again till need to re-phrase some sentences and stuff like that, think it needs to be vett many many times before approved for release.

I need a new phone, heheh any one nak donate money so that i can buy a new phone, my savings are running low..ish ish ish...hehhe

My new project has been launch, check out my new schedule, wakakakak.

~ yesterday i missed him, today i am missing him, tomorrow i will be missing him ~

~ Trapped again ~

~ tell me in advance if u're gona hurt me in the end so that i'm prepared ~


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