1.happy or sad: n0rmal,happy i think...

2.sleepy or awake: nantok..

3.hungry or full: alhamdulillah yang secukupnya..

4.dirty or clean: suci..

5.status: seorang..

6.alone or with someone beside u: keseorangan..

7.health: kena shed some kilos and fats..hehe..


1.you last ate: bubur for buka..

2.you last drank: hot milo for buka..

3.you wearing now: baju butterfly..aper itu? teka ah kalau pandai..

4.are you thinking of: projek projek projek Phr proposal..

5.are you wishing for: wish to be happy again..

6.do people use to bribe u: suspek tak pernah..

7.do you overuse: suspek my sms..

8.do you take for granted: things that i dont have..


1.is your birthday: 24 oktober, coming tauz..

2.is your loved one's songka: aper itu sih????*blur*

3.is the saddest day of your life: mungkin ader hikmah disebalik kesedihan itu..

4.did you last swear: hmmm tak nak ingat..

5.did you last cry: recently..


1.do you break off with someone: stab him/her in the heart by telling the truth..the truth hurts but it's for the best

2.do you overcome depression: baca kitab suci Al-quran..

3.do you live your life: for Allah..

4.do you make friends: smile and say hi and don't forget to keep in touch even if it's once in ten years..

5.do you pass your time: baca buku, berangan, surf, chat, blog-hop..

6.do you pass your exams: usaha, doa, tawakkal..

7.do you find yourself: cute, plum, smiley dan sewaktu dengannye..


1.do you normally get angry: kerana syaitan akan sentiasa cuba mengacau-bilaukan keadaan manusia, jadi kita mesti bersabar dan jgn cepat termakan hasutan syaitan..

2.do you cry: untuk melepaskan geram..mungkin..


1.of past relationships: satu..

2.of times you thought would last forever: infinity..

3.of times you cheated on them: suspek tak pernah..

4.of times you were cheated on: suspek belum lagi kene..

5.of months you've longest waited for someone: masih dalam process menunggu kehadiran bakal suami..blm mampu menjawab soalan itu..


1.do you miss the most: kenkawan lama terutama yang dari madrasahku..

3.makes you laugh like a maniac: hmmm saper2 yang boleh buat kelakar lah suspeknye..

4.makes u sleep: aper sey..tak aderlah..

5.makes u cry: orang-orang yang kusayangi..

6.makes u angry: saper eh??do i even get angry??..

7.advices you: teman-teman yang sering mendengar masalahku, terutama Mamaku..

8.ill-treats you: Siti and yat and mr president and may and peanut and may others not to mention and ya my cats..haha..

9.are your close friends: hidz, azie, siti, may, twinH, bracelet SIstaS, liyana R..

10.cares the most for you: No one cares for me, that would be a lie..whoever who cares for me thank you for the care..

11.are you waiting for: nak tunggu saper? buat aper? waiting for a man to enter my life again..maybe??..

12.do you always worry for: my family..family first..

13.changed ur life: belum bertemu manusia yang merubah hidupku keseluruhannya

p/s: people whom i've met and cross path with in life have change me in small lil' ways one or another, Thank you all for being a friend, i'm glad along my path on this earth, mines cross yours and yours cross mine..


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