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WHat a day i had. I was supposed to take my FInal Theory Test today in which i carelessly didn't check my recipt for my test time and assumed all along it was at 8 pm till i arrive there at exactly 757 pm and open my student book and i was like SHUCKS it's the 630pm session ohhhh i've missed it, haiz.Astghfirullah hal azim all the way home istghfar banyak-banyak. So quickly went down to the office and book for another test date which is like in February the earliest i could get was 15 FEBRUARY 845am-945am.From now on must frequently check all the receipts.Well maybe He wants to give me more time to study and have more confidence in taking my final theory other than that got blabbers from ayah,mama and my bro.Well it's ok i know it was my fault anyway, so just chill and swollow it in slowly.

On my journey home in the bus, in which i really hate, i still prefer the train, noticed many things. Life in SIngapore is too wealthy and it's citizens have to work very hard to earn buckaroos just to feed their families.I saw tired working adults, working couples, students, even senior citizens all making their way home all made me realised how our parents have really work hard to give us a comfortable life and yet at times we stilll give them a hard time.I overheard a conversation of a couple in which the wife was much complaining that they are not living as happily as others and all the other not-so-pleasent-to-the-ear stuff, it made me ponder and think, well marriage IS A VERY BIG ISSUE after all.Living together with your future spouses,bringing up a family all by yourself, can you do a good job if not better than your parents.

It's not that i have anything against Adidas but the realization that youths nowadays lives off well, is it at their own expense or their parents? Are we abusing much of the allowance we received on handphone bills,clothes,accesories and food.Well maybe refering back to my own self, since i do spend quite an amount on food itself. It's time we all go for financial planning course..haha...i think it's essentially needed, and lately my addiction towards magazines are killing me, have to control or my buckaroos will fly away.


Sayang got activated(called in is nicer i think,more understandable) today and he'll be performing his duty at Indonesian Embassy doing packing i guess.It's something that he has much awaited and prayed for to be able to contribute something to the Tsunami victims.If can he wants to be sent over to the Tsunami affected areas.Well as long as you are happy and get satisfaction in whatever you do, i'll always be here to support you.Though i'm gona miss tonight since you wont be around for a while,and will only be free from duty within abt the next 24 hours,deep down in my heart that's where you are and much of my deeper thoughts is hoping that you are doing fine and able to perform your duty well.

Awaits ur return.


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