The 19th Birthday wish

I was relooking at my archives when i chance upon my 19 Birthday wish list, and let's see we update what ahs come true and which is hasnt keke.

The wish list was:

1 - "Cheer Bear" Care Bear, you know from the cartoon that we use to watch when we were kids[for those who grew up in same era as me] for more info click Me

Status: Mai and Nurul from the Bracelet sistas got me the bear, a necklace and a hp accessories. It's really lovely and beautiful. Thanks sistaz.

2 - This wonderful perfume that i found thru Cleo Mag is called LANVIN E'clat D'arpege. The smell is really mesmerizing to ahve a look at it click Me.

Status: I ended up buying this gift for myself, anyway the 45ml bottle that i bought is already finishing, so i need a new one soon, very soon.

3 - A car to drive myself around, Perodua Kelisa "The most economical 1.0 litre car in Singapore" have a look at it here. It's cute and economical.

Status: Thank you ayah. Though i didnt ask for it directly, it was a dream come true. It's a weekend though so most of the time it stays at home.

4 - STILA make-up set includes STILA Lip Glaze in Guava and Convertible Eye Color in TEak or Ivy please visit STILA for more info.

Status: Nope still havent got it yet, though i think it's already outdated by now, sobz sobz.

5 - A personal trainer to lose all my fats in my body. Vain Zaf.

Status: This is like getting nowhere, no money, but will try my best to jaga makan and eat less and workout more.keke.

6 - A digital SLR Canon or Nikon prefereble Canon with a min of 8 Megapixels but preferb a 12 Megapixels.

Status: I hope to earn enough by my 20th Birthday to buy this for myself :D.

Alritey have a good rest everyone, i havent pay my school library fines. Oh no!


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