Family Dinner

Ok i've been such a bummer at home, only manage to clean a quarter of the mess up to now. Argghh still got other things to do, stuff to check, brother to look out for (he's taking o's this year so must torture him) hehe.

Just came back fram a family dinner with the paternal side. Enjoyed the food and cakes. We had our dinner at Sakura Nana, currently located at the old Restu venue. Had a nice family crap-talking-sessin with my cuzins, if i get the pics i'll post it up here aitz.

I love my friends, hehe azzie, syidah and mun came over yesterday for lunch, then i drove them out to their class and home respectively. Hehe. We talked about lots of stuff form the seminar the other day, our plans for the future, our stupid actions during secondary sch days, on how one of friends commented abt me still being the same like before hehe. We went thru some old photos too, hehe so ancient all the photos. One day when i'm free i'll put them up here , how much we have all grown over the years :D

That's me driving in the car bebeh.

And i have to go school tomorrow and i need a part-time job,anyone got lubang??

I miss my poly mates already it's barely a week, when will i see you guys again?


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