New skin!

Azzie gerl, yes i promise to be back with a new skin haha later at the mean time this will do temporarily.

All rite peeps listen up school is over over lol wakakaka. Alhamdulillah segala puji bagi Allah swt.Amin.

Thanks to yun ling for the much needed hug, aitz aitz gerl i'm gona mish u and hope u get that job that u want.Siti siti kak biler nak gi jalan2 u go check ur schedule lahh and May yes2 i will check first when is everyone free for that board game day.
Andto jie jie do i know she wont read this , have been a great help other than all those bitchiness. See you all again peeps on Graduation Day! DID re-unite.

To Kai Xin, thanks for all the love bebeh, you will find Swensen or Cartel just open up you heart a lil' wider.

Kak Nadz biler mahu jalan2? biler i ader duit, co currently am soo broke to the ground anyone wants to donate money to me.

Other than that , oh no i still have lots of stuf undone, gosh bad gerl!Ok things that needs my attention and top of the list will be MY ROOm, you know everytime projects the room will be soo messy. I need to clean up and re-vamp my room :) Time to go for a new touch and prepare for uni.

YEs u heard me, pray heard and hoping for the best to get into Uni.I still gotlots of things to say but haha i said something to myself


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