" K.E.M my new found love, i'll miss the kids and school "

I've been up and fine, also preparing for the upcoming MIQ. Please come down to support the SP team. Details of the competition are as follows:

MIQ 2006 organize by FMSA

Acara: Peringkat Suku Akhir
Tarikh: 15 April 2006
Masa: 9.30 pagi
Tempat: Auditorium Perpustakaan Daerah Woodlands

[SP is in the first session, there will be 3 other sessions after that, that explains the early time]

So do come down bring all your family and friends and support us. Enuf rest, the day before is a public holiday, wake up early on a Saturday peeps, it's not always you do that right? :p

p/s: to MLS peeps, wait a while for the pics k. Patience is half of faith khekhe. I want fotopages account, gosh!


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