The long awaited updates for my readers.

Right after the previous post which was posted on last tuesday. I was attacked by the most cruelsome virus of all the Gastric Flu Syndrome . It was an attacke, later on when we went to the docotr he mentioned that the virus is in the air and whoever sniff it will go weak to the knees as our anti-bodies isn't strong enough to fight it. I woke up, and couldn't even get out of bed, my Thursday was spent in bed all day long, only left it to go to toilet, it was horrible, but take it as a test from Allah. Till now i havent fully recover yet, am still on medication.

The MIQ competition, Sp didnt manage to go to the next round but despite that i would really like to say Thank You to all those who had supported and given me this oppurtunity to let you guys try out and be part of the competition, from those who came down during the Preliminary Round to my 4 dearest adiks who went on to face the Quarter Finals. Here's my thanks:

Raudha - Since the start she was eager to participate in this MIQ, i hope you learn something new and this experience will add up to the other experiences you had in SP. Keep it cheery sweetie pie and all the best in your 2nd year, play hard and study smart.

Arif - You need to do, u know what you need to do, you need this Diploma and if you ever need help kakak can help, there are many other seniors for you to ask too. Almost breaking down one day before the competition, you might have hurt me, but remember in whatever you do, what other says dosent matter but what matters is that we give our all to it, to put in a 101%

Yusri - the junior i had known for too short a time, time was stingy towards us, it didnt allow me to get to know you better for long. But really a big thanks for your help and for sitting in as a participant at the very last call when we were looking for people. This class rep is one cute and fun loving junior to be with. Enjoy school when it re-opens and all the best for your future endeavours. Keep in touch ya!

Hisham - I shouldnt say anything about you lol. He didnt get to participate last year and this was his chance hehe. Thank you for being der when i needed a punching bag. =D. You know i know, more shall not be mention.

All in all i hope you guys had a great time. Ohh well we always do right, win or lose dosent matter but what's important is the experience. I love you all and maybe next year we try again? Provide the organizers do a better job, i have my complaints! Hmmph! We should give them a feedback letter during the finals , amaciam?

I'm getting drowsy already must be the medicine, and to those demanding the photographs patience a lil more ya, i need to get well first before i can sit in front of the computer for long hours. pray for my recovery. I need to go to work tomorrow, doink!


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