Bad news day three

I think you guys must be getting bored with my entries by now. Went to work today with a super blur face. Initially our whole remainder of Team 10 is suppose to be tranferred to Team 11 but we found out that they re-shuffle the whole team and in the end only me and Shamala were place in Team 10. Faizal and ben in Team 1 and Mindy Team 3. In my new team there's Khasrul, Rebecca, Munirah, Shamala, myself, Melita, Xue Er and this other gerl. Khas must be feeling so weird being the only guy around. Rumours were spreading fast that morning, and soon to be we were al told that our services are being terminated by this Friday, haha expected and my whole new Team 11 are being laid off together with Team 3. Looks like it's gona be job-hunting again.

I plan to relax at home next week and will be doing discussions with my mum on what's next best to be done. Working has made me deprived of her advices and chatting time away with her, so next week gona be a date with mum@Home Sweet Home.

The MPH was like a graveyard much of silence than anything else. I saw him coming in at 1pm and was expecting him to came over but he didn't and my hope left at that precise moment. He forgot all about it, i regret not calling him over but i was shy.

To my amazement, Dy came over to my place around 420pm and i was like what the guy wants man? so he said "Hey Zaf u free now? **** waiting for you at the lounge" I was dumbfounded and was soo nervous that i trembled, and for a full story please ask me. He made me the happiest gerl on earth. And u guys know what 'eye-candy' laugh so hard today at my lame joke just because i said 'I sometimes still act like a 12-yr old kid'. And i was hinting to Shamala wah finally he laugh, and it wasnt a short one it was a long loud one, but he sound soo cute.

'Eye-candy' c u tmrw and **** Thanks again.[wouldnt want to name you to protect your identity]

P/s: Adik Yusri, treat others the way u want to be treated. I'm here thanks for being there for me and now i'll be here from you.

To Adlina, reading my blog gerl? Thanks for the comforting words. Mish ya!


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