For the love of shopping!

It's irrisstable to go down to town on any day and not get urself something and this time around i'm very sure it's not impulsive. I bought a new pair of shoed ahakz from Blossoms at Cathay Cineileisure. Ya know that place where they held the Singapore Idol. The price 19.90 was display largely throughout the shop and i went it to check them out. First it was this pair of black pumps i tried them out and felt this magical power u know like slipping into a pair of glass slippers in Cinderella. I was then contemplating should i buy or not? So after leaving the shop for about 10 minutes i decided that since i had some money(gaji baru masuk, nampak sah tak cukup to last satu bulan) i would give myself a treat and i was looking for a similar pair since two months ago. The last time i got shoes was for Dinner and Dance but those were heels. So off i go looking for the correct size and was glad new pumps at 19.90 leaving the shop with a bIg Smile.

I have this thingy about shoes, since we all use shoes ever so often we need to give them a good one and pamper our feet with the best. Formerly i would only buy from the best past shoes came from a must Everbest - they have the best leather shoes and so comfortable, Charles and Keith - best heels ever, before when they still have square/rectangle heels which i still prefer, but nowadays stilettos heels are not my kind of thing yet, U.R.S - best unique design and fancy sandals i've got a memebership card of URS so if u all want a discount contact me and their handbags range are cool, a mix of style and play. Pedal works - best funky foot bed they have funny cushion design but overall they are cheap for comfy found in your nearest neighbourhood. But of late, i kind go for funky style and ignore comfort ahakz. Ohh well they're irresistably cheap, formerly would have spend $60-$90 fpr a good pair nowadays the $20 are much captivating. Of course for long walks will settle for my Everbest but on days going town, style will be the choice.

More to rattle one, tmrw maybe, an interesting day ahead!


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