NUS application rejection letter has arrived but appeal date wont open till 1 June i still have about two weeks more to wait and then waiting for the appeal's result. That will be till mid-july. Have appealed at NTU.

Only Allah understands what i'm going through right now. On a lighter note i'm getting bored rotting at home, doing housewrok, going to the market, run errands for mum and doing noting. What should i do?

I know gona catch Da Vinci next week alongside Over The Hedge another marathon maybe. Anybody wana tag along?

Good nite my friends and keep up your doa for me ya, Ya Allah ampunilah dosa-dosaku dan dosa-dosa teman-temanku sekalian. Berikanlah mereka kekuatan untuk mengharungi hidup ini Ya Allah dan kabulkanlah permintaan mereka Ya Allah.
Engkaulah yang Maha pengasih lagi Maha penyayang


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