My first relief teaching

History is made today and i did my first relief teaching at Yu Neng Primary. Gosh i had sooo much fun, was assigned to teach class Pri 1A and 2J. It was such a wonderful experience and really the kids are just so cute and irresistable. I felt belonged in school, that's where i want to work in a school environment. I still dont understand why they didnt accept me, but i know Allah has other plans for me or maybe i just have to take the longer route so that i can learn many other things along the way. I felt really satisfied by the end of the day. And the kids wave goodbye to me, soo touching.

Now you guys must be confused, i still did go to work in the earlier part of the day and felt really gloomy about leaving. TIme was too short and i had soo many batches to finish up. And i left with much pain in my heart. My relief teaching session was in the afternoon so i rushed over there after leaving Revenue House.

hatiku sepi mendamba kasih
yang tak akan ku miliku
aku terluka
namun ku pulih jua

aku tersinggung
namun ku tahu
tidak akan dikecapi
impian itu
sekadar khayalan
sekadar bayangan

aku bermimpi akan dia
mimpi manis dengannya
jelingannya mencuri hatiku

I feel like telling all but i just cant, what has happened to me? Insecurities of what? i dont get it, my emotions are in a rojak state, lefty brain arguing with righty. Mind over matter, heart over mind, emotions conquer all, i miss him soo much! for reasons i'm not aware of. I wish him well in pursuing the girl =D. And i detest the way he says goodbye. Please at least look at me when you're saying goodbye.That applies to everyone ok.[talking to myself] And am sure he wasnt talking about me so stop being so perasaan k gerl, u better get your mind straight and urself back. But i wana stay trap in this bubble, can?[/talking to myself]

I miss people.


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