New day with TTA 11

I guess evereyone was more comfortable with each other today that we were soo noisy that the sup had to shhh us for like three times. So sad rite we only get to know each other for 4 days and that's it we are going to split. Go our own ways, go back to our lives.

Pertemuan dan perpisahan sebagai lumrah kehidupan ini. Ramai teman yang telah ku temui dan ramai juga yang telah meninggalkan aku pergi dan yang ditinggalkan oleh ku.Kenangan manis dan pahit bersama amat sukar untuk dilupakan.

So where does the origin of 'eye-candy' came from. During the start of first work week, me and two others have been talking about what else guys! haha work is fun with them around and that's where the origin of 'eye-candy' came from. They are the chosen one, the one that we look forward to see when we go to work everyday. Just by seeing them makes our day brighter. And so the three of us finally choses our 'eye-candy's and to each it's own. I have two though haha not greedy but well they caught my eyes, it's just office romance minus contacts and nothing more dont worry. It makes work a lot more exciting i tell you. The gossips and bitching also adds on to the spice of it.

The exam stress is eating me, so sleepy ........


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