Back from too much fun

Hehe have been having a great time for the past few days more like a high time.

Friday - attended RJ's drama entitle "Kembara" my comments will be last year's performance is much better, yet i had a great time, the whole paternal family went to watch. After the event we went for supper at Sembawang Satay Club. It was 12am when i lay my head on the pillow.

Saturday - Woke up early and help mum with BVSS Sunday market preparation. Ask her to send me to school for Nurhayat FO and i was very late. Star karat tul, suppose to be there by 830am and only turn up at 10am. I had a great time meeting the freshmen and getting to know them better. During Kem Evolusi didnt get to intereact with them one on one but this was my oppurtunity. Me and NAdz were leading the group Ringan Tulang and we sure bonded well. We later on went down to Paya Lebar for the other half-day of the program. We had to find five different spices and this kuih by the name of Dangai. I haven heard of it till that day. Later on at Malay Village we had three station games. Joget in which my group had to do Masri, then played Capteh and wore the samping tapi mesti Samping yang lipat... Bunga. Hadi was so spontaneous and he was our model for the day. All and all i really had a great time. Ended they day with something very memorable. Reach home by 1030pm.

Sunday - BVSS sunday market, was chafferuing the whole day. Macam logistician i had to carry stuff, load them in the car, drive to school, unload the stuff, home and repeat the whole process till late noon. Was dead tired by then and tole mum i wanted to sleep. Had a short nap till around 530pm woke up and head down straight to MLS bbq at East Coast. Wasnt as noisy as last year but the companions around really make it wonderful. Had some chance to seat down and have heart to heart session with a few of the juniots whom i'm closer with. The weather was breezy to out and alhamdulillah it didnt rain or else i dont know what mite it turn out to be? cancel?. Headed home and arrive by 1115pm.

Shag, tired, mentally drain. Woke up late on Monday and mum said that i can continue sleeping haha but after i woke up i had to help her clean the house. aiyo ahah and i'm still bugging myself to clean my room haha it's the messiest state ever. GEEEErrrrraaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm.

Untuk semua yang masih menantikan gambar2 sabar yer, i've only loaded the AGM pics, NHT FO and MLS BBQ belum diload. Sabar2 ye i try to do it by tomorrow.


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