*Latest update: NUS appeal is rejected too. I'm stronger now to face all this rejection and taking it for a better tomorrow. With my love ones around me i wouldn't despair and strive for the better. Most prob starting school at MDIS UniCampus on 21 August. Can't wait to study and grad day tmrw!

BLa bla bla bla okie see how long i can rattle today.

First announcement: NTU's appeal rejected. NUS appeal still unknown.

Second announcement: This Thursday is my GRADUATION DAY, woohoo can't wait. Baju is ready, tudung dah ready, kasut jek tak tahu nak beli baru ke tak.

Third announcement: This Sat i'll be attending a high-tea charity lunch, woohoo and there's gona be food so i can't eat to much for the week. Saving tummy for Saturday.

Fourth announcement: I've submitted my application to MDIS.

Fifth announcement: I havent been uploading all the photos since BK's mtg with the girls so please be patient.

haha okie i'm done with all the notes. Really can't wait for Thursday and to see everyone again, most of them will be working by now i guess. And me still rotting like forever, i feel like a useless bum u know at times. If you all are free drop by SP Plaza around 11.30 am, see me, come talk to me, take photo with me. Eh Faizul if you're reading this bring down the whole of MLS. Haha i'll be waiting okie. Eh i still thinking eh what to do after graduation event. Me gf's ask me out, thought of chilling out in school for a while and then out we go merambuing. Argh i dunoe it's like madness.

Other than the much rotting i havent been really rotting k. I have to teach tuition, plan out what to teach, what to do this lesson and that lesson. Now in hands i have three. That's like everyday tuition my only free days are Wednesday and Friday. Wah i hope i can still cope when i go back to school. Tuition fees will all go to the savins account man from now on, save save save no spending.

Eh typing nonsense again man, Dear readers, shud i get new shoes to go with my graduation outfit or just wear whatever i have? say ur thing at the tagboard eh. Can't wait to see everyone again, rindu rindu rindu.

I have been enjoying your company. Thank you for being around my dear friends in times of need and not needed


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