Miss Zafirah receiving her scroll from Mr Peter Low

Mama and Ayah, my dearest parents

Me, Siti's mum,Phyllis,my mum,Siti


Diana,Zaf, Norain

Zaf & Sharyfie(Architecture)



Me & Sharifah(Building Property and Management)

Crazy CUbicle mates Siti,Zaf,May

Me and adik Yusri

Me & Yusoff(Building and Property Management)

Nadz & Zaf

Regina & me

Sri & me

Arthur and us in Studio @ T5

And through the days i felt like giving up, changing course, throwing it all away, this Graduation Day finally comes. I did it, you know. Congragulations again to all Graduands of School of BE, good luck in your future endeavours and to Arif Ali Khan great speech there bro.


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