My week as a teacher

I am back with some short news and sweet memories. For most of my friends whom would like to know of my current status: I am goin back to school. Not NTU, not NUS nor NIE. I'll be pursuing my degree at MDIS taking up Business and Management Studies and my degree will be awarded by Bradford University, UK.

For the past two Sundays i have been attending a short course Certificate in Teaching Methodology and have been busy catching up and finishing up my assignment. Finally i can complain about school work again. The last lesson will be on this Sunday and i have exam to study for. It's been like ages since i last sat for an exam as most of you are aware back in poly my course was 95% project oriented.

During this pass whole week i have been doing relief again. Mon to Wed for eng and maths, thurs for malay. Some lil' cute event happen which i would like to share with all of you.

On Monday i was told to relief p2B and had to do two periods of p2F. When i was at p2F i told the kids to do some art work. The first question the student ask me was "Miss Zafirah how old are you?" i didnt answer initially. So while doing their art this boy by the name of Aliff went to his friend Danish and whispered "Eh, the teacher pretty ah" and Danish then shouted tot he whole class "Teacher Aliff said you pretty" and so i said "Thank you very much you are very handsome too". I then told the class to hand-in their art work to me, Aliff gave it to me in a manner of a guy proposing to a gerl, he went down on his knees and said nah teacher this is for you. while another student Benjamin, wrote in his art work 'You Rock, you sound like a sec sch student'. Hehe so cute right this kids.

Later on, during contact time on Wednesday, Aliff's friend ask permission from me to go to the toilet and i said "ok sayang u can go now but please come back soon". And that boy by the name of Asyraf later relate to Aliff about the matter, as soon as he hears the incident Aliff came up to me and interrogate me "Teacher did you call him sayang?" and i tesed him back with "Why? you want me to call u sayang too is it?" He then started blushing and i told him "ok sayang why don't you go back to your seat now"

After the flag lowering ceremony on the same day, Aliff class had to walk off first while my class was in turn after his. So he turned to look at me wave goodbye twice and did the most unexpected, he pointed to himself, did a heart shape with his fingers and put it at his chest, and pointed out to me. I gave him a smile in return. So cute right this kids. Love them to bits though sometimes they can really climb up my nerves.

Many more stories to share but lazy to type, got to touch up on my assignment =D, till time permits us to meet again. Enjoy the pics.


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