All is well all is better

I feel better and i forgive you for sure, you will still be missed by me, and lets put the past behind us okie.

I went down to school today to see the Fundraising Booth i have to tell ya the brownie is yummylicious-lah. I had a first serving and later a second one sponsored by adik Wan, thank you adik! Love you hehe. Adik yus i love u too, and while walking around the booths i met Arif, long time no talk, so as usual we had a heart-to-heart, time to things out. Kak Zaf love her small lil cuties, ohh and i miss the juniors a lot, though i didnt manage to chat up with all of them just now. It's soo hard to let go, i love SP, my heart is still there. i love MLS even more arghh how i miss my poly days!

And exam is nearing hehe i'm stress lah, kalau tak stress tak exam lah kan, aiyoyo my mind is not in the right state.

I want attention and i want to be pampered, anyone free?


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