Weather neat!

I've been down with cold since last saturday and still in the process of recovering. The weather in Singapore has been nice and brezzy and wet especially.

My travel blog is on it's way up and will post the link soon. Planning to finish up everything by tomorrow that is hehe. I'm officially on holiday but it's more like a study break with revision and assignment to catch up on bleargh.

I drop by the library yesterday and found this great tip which i would like to share. If u keep t-shirts or towels or any form of garment in the drawer, do not stack them up. There is a better and neater way to arrage your clothings with an addition that u get to see everything from a bird's eye view. Remember the last time you were trying to find that particular t-shirt that you wnat to wear and had to rummage thru your drawer like a cat going thru a sack hehe.



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