First post of 2007

Wishing all loyal readers a Happy 2007 ahead!

2006 was a great year for me graduating with a Diploma from SP. Which initially I had worries whether I will ever graduate or not. Working in a real office for the first time was a superb experience, disappointment came soon after, not getting a place in the local university but nevertheless I guess year after year it’s always getting better with new challenges to face with every year to come.

The end was celebrated with a blast with a trip to Cairo and Dubai in December. You can click HERE! to see my travel photos, though I have not yet fill up the journal entry.

In my current semester I love this H.u.m.a.n R.e.s.o.u.r.c.e M.a.n.a.g.e.m.e.n.t module to the max. I find with ease to connect to this subject, and I’m thinking of opting for a career as a H.R M.a.n.a.g.e.r or should I go back to my first love teaching? The time will come for me to decide as for now I would love to enjoy my another two years plus of school and be well prepared for the working world. Exciting yet scary it seems.

I’ve managed to clear off half of my bags. Gave them away and currently I’m wanting a clutch on condition it is not one that I need to purchase. So anyone would like to donate one to me please do so. Keke.

Tuition has begun again, and i think I need to read up more on effective techniques of teaching my students, currently doing Eng, maths and malay. So if any of you have good links to website or resources do inform me aitz.

Ah 2007 I think I will have to bring forward last year’s resolution to this year, since it’s still not achieved, better do something about it right?:p


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