My one week break

Gone, my one week break it's over, too soon too good to be thru. Assingment slighly behind time, i better finish it up tonight, 4 more weeks and i'll be having my exam agains, endure and preservere.

So easy to say not so easy to do, right? anyway i'm going to jot down some points i got off an event i attended just now, maybe of help to my dear readers:

(in no exact manner)

1. Change, find oppurtunities.

2. Add value in everything you do, show "i'm imporatant, i can do more than just this"

3. Motivation, find what keeps you going. If you have a problem are you going to just stop there?

4. Do not deny oppurtunities of going beyond shores.

5. Every generation has it own sets of challenges.

6. There are more push factors than pull factors in our time.

7. The govermnet and organizations can do so much, final stroke must come from you.

8. Widen your horizon, it's all down to 'YOU'


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