The oneness of humanity

How easy is it for you to just say hi to another muslimah on the streets and salam them. The greatness of our religion, it happened to me today and this encouter frequent me when i go overseas even is non-Muslim countries. If another Muslim sees me they will give the Salam. A universal greeting that is.

As often i am lazy to take the stairs or escalator when alighting at TM mrt, so i waited for the lift. I usually board the lift at door 12 or 13. Upon alighting today i went straight up to the lift and board it, there were three other commuters inside. Since i was standing right at the back, i press the close door button, then the door suddenly jerk ajar and another commuter entered. It was a fine makcik. So she was telling me, "Kaki sakit sebab tu naik lift" and i replied "tak apa pelan2". She look and smile and i gave her one back. Upon reaching the first Level, she turn to me and reach her hand-out (to salam) and said "Kak jalan dulu ya" and i replied "ok, jalan baik2". It hit me, it was such a beutiful scenario, i dont know her and she dosent know me, but for a while we were connected by that lift trip. The availability to bond and the thought that we are all the same came across me and brought me right to Mecca when Muslims all over the world perform Hajj, together bowing together submitting oneself to only Him. Such a beautiful scene. If only the world is united as such. That would be a great challenge.

On another note, we dont run away from our worldly wants and i totally want a shopping spree, which indeed in this month am very broke and i only have $17.00 left in my account. So it was painstakingly window shopping last Sunday and i tried to keep it short as i just can't bear with the thought of not buying anything, haha. I need to control my shopping desire more and eat less. Cannot put on any more weight.

I want to watch The Queen and Midnight at the museum. It's been long, i miss the cinema.


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