Since school starts my readings have been double, just not back into momentum yet, blame the too long holiday. The degree course is more contents and intense, with lots of reading tutorials and research to do. Looks like have to lock my gear at level 5. Given the span of only 3 months per term woah that's very intensive.

The increase in intake this time around have suffocated me, feeling squeezy and all in class, i wish that the class is smaller and provides a better interaction with our lecturers. Aside that you have to come early to get the best seats or else off u go right to the back.

I wish i got into the uni of my dreams, things would have been much better presumably, but i accept the fact that since i didnt do too well back in poly, it would be tougher to get in. Aside that i'm happy where i am and i will do my best, i just have to, there's no room for mistakes this time, two more years that's it. Negativity get out from my brain, always look at the positive side, the wonderful lecturers who are always giving their best and the colourful array of friends/companionship to go the journey with.

We take one step at a time nearer to our dreams, somedays i wish i could run and know what's going to happen tomorrow. I know we can do it, we will strive, we will work hard for our future, we have to, there's no room for mistakes.

We got to do what we got to do, thanks girls for the wonderful time yesterday! visit here for full news.

To Allah we pray, only to Him the Almighty. Feeling energetic and strong, i can do this! I have to...... \^^/


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