Pretty in blue

an hour ago i put up a new skin at blogger and it went horribly wrong. As u can see all edition are made at Microsoft Frontpage but when i copy and paste over at blogger it just dosent give the same effect.

anyway i wasn't keen on looking thru blogskins or using the blogger template and rummage thru my old files and found this pretty in blue skin. Up to the recent skin, my skin keeps being blue, i'm not sure how long i can stay with this skin too as i still prefer the old layout.

While i was away three major things happen in my life:

1. the birth of my 18th cousin Umar in March, love the name short and sweet

2. the wedding of my mum's cousin, Uncle Erzan with his wife, Congratulations!

3. the death of my dearest uncle Mazlan Bin Mansor, Al-Fatihah. He left behind a wife and two children age 6 and 2+. Let's treasure our parents while they are still around.

i was also away on a trip, holiday trip that is the first in 2007 to Vancouver and Seoul, nice 16days away from troubles, free from thoughts and just chill out and relax, updates will be up soon on my travel blog.

Lastly Happy 18th Birthday to my dearest bro, now he's on the track to get his license,a ll the best man! and on the way to obtain a Diploma in Sports and Wellness MAnagement from NYP. Great future ahead.

I miss blogging!


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