Had a wonderful day out with mai and nurul, thanks for the treat gerl! sampai kenyang banget sih gue.

and i thank Allah in many ways for reminding how small i am as his servant. I shall relate my experience, a miracle indeed. There was 9 of us waiting for a cab, we had initially plan to split up into set of three's to get to our destination. Alhamdulillah, Allah sent us a big c.a.b a 7 s.e.a.t.e.r c.a.b, the d.r.i.v.e.r was a malay so we tried to negotiate with him to fit us all in, since the destination is quite near and he said "ok but i'll charge $4 extra". Finally we had to place all our bags at the boot area and squeeze into it, but we manage and it was a fun 5-minute ride, me getting bullied the most. We settle the payment by giving the uncle extra bit more.

Allah's grace is everywhere, we just don't see it sometimes.Being submerged into studies and readings i am currently mentally drained, dear friends do make dua for me, that my motivation will stay high and that i will presevere and arrive at my next destination with honours and pride, not just for me but for the ummah too.

Aside that, going down to bugis today really made me like one superstar lah, let me list for you the names of people i met along the way: Hid, Aish, Azie(mwt), Bird(SP),Fiza(MWT),2 MWT juniors, Muni(NUS/IRAS),Norain(SP),Rahimah(MWT) but she didnt recognise me, how sad.

Friends come and go and we go to great lengths making them happy and not upsetting them, sometimes they don't see it, sometimes they don't seem to appreciate it but it dosent matter because we know we tried to make them the happiest people on earth, at the least, when they are with us. We've tried i'm sure. I can't satisfy everyone, but i know i've tried.

Thank you friends dearest.


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