A day with my twin

Spend half-a-day with my twin touring around Singapore and catching the Simpsons at Plaza Singapura today.

We were in search of China Street high and low, we finally found it near our hearts but to our dissappointment .Padi&Nooch. were close. We initially plan to have lunch there, but ohh well maybe next time. So we head forward to look for an eatery as we are ultimately hungry it was already 4pm and found Banquet Chinatown. Thanks for lunch Mai!

We found out that there's a Food Museum somewhere near China Street and lots of shoes and clothes shop, we ended our day by taking a well deserve walk all the way from Chinatown to Raffles City Shopping Centre. I was looking for a shoe but to no avail, can anyone please tell me where i can get good comfy shoes with no pig skin lining please.....in Singapore. There's one i fell in love with Aldo but the price a lil to hefty.

Once again Happy 21st Mai, with many best years to come by!


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