left on the shelf?

I was trying to edit my blogskins yesterday but to no avail and i did not save the old piece of work so therefore ignore whatever errors you might see here. hehe.

I've been thinking i'm afraid you know that i'll end up as a spinster. This post is gona be quite personal. If we can meet our better half at school that would be easy, you go on a relationship stay long enough to get engage and then happily married and live happily ever after.

Then for people like me, which school hasn't got much to offer, where am i suppose to look at, my social cirlce coming from north, south, east, west? haha but most are already unavailable and i don't wish to go around stealing people's partner.

I'm pretty worried haha, i use to be very proactive in looking for friends who could be potential partners but then now, i say to myself i settle for the next best thing that comes. Why did i even let the last one go? I thought that was a good decision, i doubt them some days, and yet i can't find full answers to my confusion up till today.

Or maybe this less active thing is just due to the promise i made to myself, maybe i won't know for sure. I'm missing the companionship and all that comes with it, i just hope i dont end up desperate at the mean time i'll keep looking at eyecandy available anywhere ahaha, i better jaga my eyes eh.

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