of lost love

Life has been on a fast-forward more for the past few days, but it has been good. So what have i been up to? as usual school, tuition, school, ferrying brother and mum and dad and guess what my bro finally got his license on the second try! hehehe now i have somebody to drive me around, how nice, i shall retire then.

Attended a beautiful Gala Dinner by mum's company last Friday at the Mandarin Oriental nice nice, the ambiance was great. Ohh and btw i am wondering if any of you know of any halal-certified/Muslim own pastryshop ala cafe style that sells tremendously melting in the mouth kind of desserts. I was watching Sweet for my Sweets the other day and it just truly so tempting, the deserts were not only yummylicious but beautifully done also, exquisite!(maybe i should open one up ya, baking love + business knowledge =p)

And i've yet to go down to Terminal 3, i think my time management skills are deteriorating better re-schedule. Exam coming soon, constant reminder at the back of my head March! urgh! Doing one econs module this term and i'm struggling trying to grasp it.

I would love to have peaceful night sleeps, not been sleeping well and looking forward to CNY short trip to Pulai Springs Resort, i'll be back!


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