A year to go

A year from today insya-Allah i'll be and should be done with school, out to the working world for real, no more delays, enough of consuming, time to earn my own moolah, more of it.

Scary it seems, but life still have to go on, one more year seems distance away but i'm sure it will soon zoom me by. I want to enjoy my finals bits of schooling life, work really hard though at most times i'm pretty lazy and bum around too much, ok a need of balance, study and play. Most importantly not to stop learning, learning is a lifelong process.

The other time my bro mention to me, "Don't plan, just do it, do it now" i was tellng him about my plans here and there and that's what he reply it with, hah how true ya. We live only once and if we want to do something we should just go all out and do it. Now or never.



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