Lovely finds in Malacca

One of the relatives house we visited had these beautiful garden and a weird looking plant, it's pretty small and the fruits are black and red, i have no idea what's the name though.

And look clearly here and tell me what you can see:

Finally we get to try Nandos at Mahkota Parade, the last when we were in Harbourtown, Brisbane we wanted to give it a go but we ended up having lunch elsewhere. I however still prefer Kenny Rogers, with it's muffin cakes yum yum. For Nando's the best to order would be it's 1/2 chicken with two sides, worth the kaching. I would definitely go there again, they have some outlets in JB but it would be even better if someone could bring Nando's in to Singapore, i would surely queue.

On our way back in to Singapore, we went by the new Johor checkpoint, my review on it, nice with lots of meandering road like in F1 race, very sharp humps(imagine planar edges than the usual semi-circle humps), very cramp in between passport booths(if your car is wide be prepared to get scratch, the new booths have lots of scratch marks on them), bottleneck entrance(there's only one lane for cars and only after you go thru that lane you'll be assign to 3 different zones), in a wrap ok lah but so much more can be done better. Not saying that Sg is any better, coz when we were driving in at Tuas, we were stuck for almost 2 hours just to clear the Singapore side. Well it's the holiday season and evidently everyone's taking a holiday, so if you're crossing over the borders have lots of patience ya, especially the drivers and go toilet early.


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