Weddings in Malacca

Over the weekend we had a short gateway up in Malacca to attend two weddings, Saturday and Sunday, the weather was hot everywhere but i wonder why it seems much hotter than Singapore's weather. I can't really recognize my relatives but it was more for the grandparents to meet up with old acquaintances, me and bro just practically seat back and relax and let the old folks do their thing. I'll invite you on a pictorial journey of the two weddings i attended.

The first was located in Jasin, about 30 minutes drive away from Malacca town.

The second on Sunday, was near Simpang Empat at Malacca itself, this time around the food spread was better hehe however we were late the food was already finishing so we had whatever that is left, but the unique thing was these two booths cooking fried noodles and preparing fresh tahu bakar i think.

We met Haziq one of my nephews from KL, he's so grown up now last i met him was when i was 15 i think. My my that boy is so smart! Both weddings were held at their homes, with extra tentage being set up to accomodate the guests. Pretty simple, and the gotong royong feel is there, i mean like everybody chip in to help out.

The night was spend at Everly Resort in Tanjung Kling, not recommended by me, service is pretty much to the basics and i do think they overcharge, but since elsewhere is fully book we had not much choice.

We've stayed at Mahkota Hotel a few times and that's still the best to me, next time i would like to try Seri Costa Hotel located nearby to Mahkota Parade too and if you should know they've move the Eye on Malaysia from Tasek Titiwangsa,KL to Melaka Town, Melaka.


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