New look

Finally settle for a new skin that works with blogger. Most of the one i was eyeing for had some complication especially on their widgets bar. Contemplating to move over to wordpress or tumblr. Looks pretty cool. I've tried wordpress but it ain't talking well with me yet.

I wish to be elsewhere at this moment of time and down with fever, flu again! argh been way sick this year too many times. Still searching for that job that is waiting for me. Gona get well and get moving =)

Drop some comments will you(readers), are the font size alright? or i'll know very well i am talking to myself over in this space.


  1. cool but the zaffywaffy mcm besar. mcmaner kau buat ur blog?

  2. ahhh okie noted nanti aku kasi kecik...aku tak buat lah, aku upload the .xml file jek...nie kalau buat dari scratch tak tahu langsung sey

  3. How sweet! Hope you find that man with lots of money to marry you. With that money, let's hope the marriage will last...and perhaps you can bring the money to the grave as well.

  4. Whatever you are trying to say, i will say this "everybody is entitle to an opinion".

    There's no need to hide behind close doors, a name would be good so i can address you personally next time.

    Cheers :)

  5. cool blog,after this can help me to change mine..hahaha..btw,dun forget to pass me the Diva book after you finish it..

  6. yes, i am still working on it. there's alot to learn.

    Yes! it's time u change ur blog skin =)


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