Wah, i am so backdated, didn't know blogger has some new posting features. I change my skin again as i wasn't connecting well with the previous one.

I have been bloghopping a lot since i am home all day long now and it really get into me how some can write so fluently. I wish i had more juice. Right now morning day and night is about looking for that job of mine. Oh where are you? It's like playing the dating game. No good news to share yet, but hopefully soon enough or if anyone is kind enough to offer me a job? :)

Today i finally got down to setting up my mum's shelves beside the bathroom. She's been bugging since November and the eyesore just irks me. I finally arrange our years of travel memoirs nicely on the shelf, thought some of her things i have no idea where she wants to put them., i'll tackle that another day. The room downstairs is also going through major overhaul. Need more muscle around.

Before the arranging and getting sweaty.

The mess!

Organize them together, group put in Ziploc bags. Thank God for Ziploc!

Finally, tada!

Hopefully i have more to write soon, miss being here. At the mean time my site still needs twitching, so to my friends who still read me, say ola!


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