Back with vengance

Eid Mubarak 2010 to lovely readers, if anyone still reads this. I have totally lost any blogging interest since a year ago. After a year of staying home, i have manage to finally settle in to the working world. Not something i plan for, but all praise to Allah happy to be where i am today. Of course if you want to know more you will definitely have to contact me personally, i love to get calls from dear friends and family.

Hot topic discussion during this year's jalan raya is kahwin2 and we saw a number of wedding albums dated back from our parents time to the latest one of a relative from Malaysia who got married end of last year. Pressure much? maybe but being the eldest cousin who is still single does put me in a spot sometimes.

On the other hand i have my insecurities of pursuing my career in special education, i still have a heart to do Human Resource and may decide later on to go back there. For now, happy to be here and since it's a 3 year contract, i have more than enough time to think about what i want to do next.

May Allah guide us all to be of benefit to the ummah.


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