Maher Zain - Open Your Eye with Lyrics

A visit to my Ustaz's place whom has recovered from stroke was an eye-opener. It has been 3-years since he got it. Although he is better now, his memory still fades and the right side of his body is not strong yet.

Ya Allah please keep all my teachers in good health, bless then with your rahmah, give them patience to those who are still teaching and to those who aren't may they spend their silver years faithfully in your service.

I teared while recalling the story of everything that happen, the struggle his family had to go thru but the most important lesson i learn today is if you do things for Him and him only he will protect you, he will ease your path and open up options to you. Subhanallah, i teared when it was time to go home i just couldn't contain myself and i envy Ustaz's strong fighting spirit, while i always complain over all the small little problems i have to face every now and then.

Ibu, Ustaz's wife ask me if i had a calon and i said belum lagi, Ustaz doakan lah ye and Ibu also ask nak cepat2 ke nak lama lagi? hehe cute lah ibu, insya-Allah dah bersedia.

My main intention is for companionship someone who can guide me, walk along side me, keep me sane and make me laugh, protect me and remind me when i do wrong, at the end of the day i only want a halal relationship(the make babies part tu later later sikit lah eh hehe). I envy some of my friends who are studying and married, seronok kan kalau dah ada hubby, at least kalau nak gi travelling parents tak lah risau sangat. Of course it comes with responsibility and maybe Allah knows best.

May you come soon my dear zauj, i can't wait to meet you :)


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