My December Checklist

I have been begging my parents, ok more to my mum to allow me some downtime away from Singapore, and no approval has been receive. With that i decided oh well make do and plan up for a crazy mazy December. Here goes my checklist before i forget what i want to do (in no order)

1. Clear away my notes, time to throw throw throw
2. Pack all unwanted goods and mess into the give, give, give bag
3. Go Carousel lunch with Tuty
4. Go Dempsey Hill
5. Watch movies
6. Prepare resources for 2011
7. Plan lessons for Sem 1 2011
8. Start surveying accomodation for Krabi Trip
9. Plan my 2011
10. Revamp my classroom
11. Revamp my room
12. Organize one outing for the girls
13. Spib marketing video
14. shall add on if found any....

I might need more than a month to finish all this.

Wonderfully today i came across a great website call the The Office Stylist and it offers amazing idea on how to revamp your office space, now all i need to do is incorporate it to my classroom. Also because i am hating most of the furniture i have there now.

Can't wait to get Week 10 and Seminar Week over and done with!


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