Independent of technology?

Last Wednesday I accidentally left my hp at home and only realised it upon reaching the office. While I was getting dress I actually told myself to take the hp from my study table and place it in my bag. Somehow the whole process didn't take place.

Initially I was feeling ok without the hp and still had fb access in office so it was no big deal. However after lunch I started getting edgy and frustrated. My brain started triggering all the messages and info I need to update my friends with, as we were having a meetup the next day, BUT then my hp is at home.

I realised now how much I am very dependant on technology and since fb got around I am very attach to it. One of my 2012 goals was to log-in for lesser hours to fb and I only manage to keep it up for two weeks. Really need to look into disciplining myself and going back to basics, anybody wants a handwritten letter from me?


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